SuSE Linux Title Surfaces Gallery
This gallery provides both images and interesting links for each surface since version 7.1. of the SuSE Linux distribution.
As you might have noticed, SuSE decided not to use such title images anymore. So, unfortunately, 8.2 was the last SuSE edition with surfaces.
7.1 pers., 7.1 prof., 7.2 pers., 7.2 prof., 7.3 pers., 7.3 prof.,
8.0 pers., 8.0 prof., 8.1 pers., 8.1 prof., 8.2 pers., 8.2 prof. .

All these surfaces are algebraic surfaces; their images have been calculated using the software surf written by Stephan Endrass (who created the title surfaces for the earlier SuSE versions) and others.

As some of you have asked my to do so, I added a link to the source code for each surface at the bottom of each page. Feel free to use them, but if you want to publish the images, please do not forget to cite this gallery and to inform me via e-mail. Thanks.

And here are some links related to algebraic surfaces.

Have a lot of fun...

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